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Updates on PSR Maine's Environmental Legislative Priorities

The term PFAS describes a CLASS of compounds with remarkable properties. Basically, chemists substituted fluorine molecules for hydrogen on long chains of carbon, resulting in material that repels both water and lipids. The original compounds in use (PFOA and PFOA) are no longer in use since industrial exposures were linked to birth defects in employees and other toxic effects. The "next generation" compounds have shorter chains, with the idea that they would be excreted quickly if ingested and be less toxic, but unfortunately they were found to accumulate in animal and human organs. ALL OF US has some of these "forever chemicals" in our system.

PFAS compounds have endocrine disrupting properties (they are EDC's). Studies have revealed a link between intrauterine and early life exposure to PFAS compounds and increased disease risk for developmental delays in childhood. In addition, their physiologic effects are associated with later-onset hormone imbalance, chronic kidney disease, obesity, immune dysregulation, and some cancers. Especially concerning is the fact that, by weight, bottle fed infants using PFAS-contaminated water to dilute the formula have the highest exposure levels.  


Over the last 5 years, active research on their toxicity led to lowering of the acceptable level in water supplies from 70 to 20 ppt (that's part per TRILLION!), and many believe that it should be even lower.  

Municipal water supplies are monitored, and PSR Maine presented testimony at April hearings to promote expanded access to well water testing by low income residents (LD 1006), and to require landlords to  notify renters if the water source for a property exceeds the state limit (LD 1488). These are both common sense proposals that promote some degree of environmental justice in this one specific area.   

Stay tuned! We will let you know when to contact your legislator!  



VFP Golden Rule Peace Boat Maine Schedule Announced!

The Golden Rule is a project of Veterans For Peace. They have recovered and restored the original peace ship, the Golden Rule, that set sail in 1958 to stop nuclear weapons tests in the Marshall Islands, and which inspired the many peace makers and peace ships that followed.

The Golden Rule Maine schedule is as follows:
Saturday, June 24

1 PM: Portland Monument Square public event to inform the public about the Golden Rule and nuclear abolition. 

3:30PM The Portland Media Center will have an art exhibit about Nagasaki atomic bomb survivors and also will show “Making Waves: The Rebirth of the Golden Rule” a documentary film telling the history and current mission of the boat.


Monday, June 26

The public is invited to visit the Golden Rule at the DiMillo’s Marina. That afternoon Golden Rule will sail into Portland Harbor accompanied and welcomed by the Portland Fire Department boat.
6 PM Banquet event at DiMillo’s Restaurant. For ticket information email Doug Dransfield (

Tuesday, June 27

Golden Rule will be in South Portland at a dock to be determined.

Wednesday, June 28

Golden Rule sails to Georgetown, Maine for overnight mooring.

Thursday, June 29

Golden Rule will sail to the Bath Waterfront Public Park and public will be able to see boat and talk with the crew.

Friday, June 30

Golden Rule leaves for New York’s Hudson River.


PSR Maine Student Chapter

Last month, the student chapter of PSR Maine at the University of New England College of Osteopathic Medicine welcomed the class of 2027 at a tabling event aimed to introduce the incoming class to the work of PSR. Pictured below are Alison Guzzetti and Ammal Bashir, current UNE chapter members who participated in this outreach. PSR Maine worked with the student chapter to supply flyers, stickers, and notebooks.


You can follow the student chapter on Instagram @unecom_spsr. 


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