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Blood Cancer ONCTalk

February 25, 2023

This live, virtual, interactive patient education event includes presentations and panel discussions covering general subjects relevant to a diverse range of blood cancers and treatment options, as well as an opportunity to speak with the experts in a Q&A session. 


Speakers includes top medical professionals presenting  patient-focused discussions to educate the patient and caregiver communities to become advocates for their own health and well-being. 

For more information including the agenda and faculty, visit

Happy New Year!

  GRACE is kicking things off with a new live event on Saturday, February 25th, our Blood Cancer ONCTalk. Dr. Aaron Goodman will chair this virtual conference on topics in blood cancer, with speakers presenting on multiple myeloma, cellular therapies, advances in acute leukemia, and more.

This event will also feature a live Q&A with the audience. See above for information on registration!

   Our Case-Based Panel Discussion series is currently in production. The series involves multiple oncologists examining cases together, in order to give the audience an inside view of the diagnostic and care side of lung cancer treatment.

   Our partner, PEN, also has an event focused on myeloma coming up on February 7th. You can find out more about this free webinar and sign up here.

How to Support a Partner - Caring for the Caregiver


The role of a partner and caregiver when diagnosed with cancer - Support and the Caregiver


Shakira Amin, Licensed Clinical Psychologist at MSF and Guest Faculty for GRACE,  offers us a tips and topics regarding caring for the caregiver.  This great article touches on who is a caregiver, the impact o a diagnosis, challenges, psychological consequences,  positive and negative outcomes, as well as ways to cope.


Read this article and download the pdf HERE


Targeted Therapies in Lung Cancer Videos are UP

We are continuing to edit the extensive videos from our 8th annual live patient forum, to make them available for our community!  

For videos from the full event, see  You can also see the edited videos on our YouTube Channel at

View these links for the complete AGENDA and FACULTY information. 

Ultrasound found mass
I had an ultrasound on my collarbone and neck because I have a lump on the collarbone. It showed a 2-5 millimeter mass behind the collarbone. I am going in for a CT scan on Thursday. I had someone mention it might be a pancoast tumor because of the location...

Yoga for All
I'm happy to post this article because it can get buried in our newer content yet is one of a kind and such a good resource. Raquel's youtube channel is filled with yoga routines. I found a method I still use to loosen my neck by massaging my ears and hands. There's something for everyone patient and caregiver alike...

Is Tagrisso working?

Hi Wendy, welcome to Grace. I'm sorry your husband and you are going through this. I understand the wish for the tumors be shrinking but smaller then stable is great and...
Is Tagrisso working?
Thanks. Your message is much comforting.
Is Tagrisso working?
You're very welcome! A lot of times the best comfort is knowing you're already getting the best treatment plans. Come back anytime to ask a question or share your experience and...

One Year Post
Hi Stan! It's good to see you. I can only imagine what this last year has been like for you and hope the grieving is getting more manageable every day. GRACE...