Winter 2023 Insider's Report

This month, Board Chair Abhi Talwalkar and I had the distinct honor of joining leaders from all 29 Chapters in our network along with National Board Members and National Team Members to represent Friends of the Children at our nation's capitol. Our Washington, D.C. trip served as a means to: 1) raise continued awareness of Friends of the Children at the Federal level, 2) communicate the great work each chapter is doing across our country including the positive impact and outcomes our model generates for the children and their families which we serve, and of course, 3) seek Federal funding. 
To that end, Board Chair Abhi Talwalkar and I, along with representatives from National, had the opportunity to go to the Capitol and meet with legislative aids for Speaker of the House, Emerita, Nancy Pelosi and Senator Diane Feinstein’s respective offices.  It was an excellent opportunity to present the outstanding work of Friends of the Children-SF Bay Area — building long term relationships with children and families and providing the tools to hone their resilience, thrive, and strengthen community.


We also took the opportunity to again thank Speaker of the House, Emerita, Nancy Pelosi for securing a $750,000 federal grant to support the purchase of our Bayview Youth Center! Please read more below.
After an exciting few days in D.C., my feet ached from all of the walking, but I still returned to the Bay Area with a pep in my step! This trip was an important reminder that we have a phenomenal team, including supporters like you, and I am so humbled to elevate our mission and impact to the national level. 
In closing, thank you for all of your support and commitment to Friends of the Children-SF Bay Area! I am looking forward to an outstanding 2023.

Kind regards,

Timothy Waters
Executive Director
Friends of the Children-SF Bay Area

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$750,000 Federal Grant Allocated to Friends of the Children-SF Bay Area!


Friends of the Children-SF Bay Area is excited to announce that we received a $750,000 federal grant to help us purchase a building (and permanent home) through the omnibus bill passed by Congress in December 2022.


This is wonderful news as it allows our organization to move forward in purchasing our Bayview Youth Center.

Frederique Clermont, Director of Programs, pictured on the far left with other Friends of the Children presenters at the National Mentoring Summit

National Mentoring Summit


Director of Programs Frédérique Clermont also traveled to Washington, D.C., to present at the 13th Annual National Mentoring Summit, a premier event for the national mentoring movement. More than 2,000 practitioners, researchers, corporate and foundation partners, youth leaders, government and civic leaders, and MENTOR Affiliates celebrated the resourcefulness, innovation, and resilience of the mentoring movement.


Frédérique presented with other Friends of the Children leaders at two sessions: Building a Quality Improvement “Culture of Learning” Across all Levels of Your Organization and Filling the Gap: The Role of Mentoring as Mental Health Support. Great job, Frédérique!