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In this Issue:

  • A Message from David and Kiko, RepGen Co-chairs
  • Reparation Leaders: PDX Housing Solidarity Project
  • Genealogy Corner with Kellie Farrish
  • Wanda Sykes on Reparations
  • Why Reparations? The Story of Two American Dreams


Hello Friends,


With summer in full-swing, we hope that you all enjoyed a rejuvenating Juneteenth and July 4th. We are happy to report that things are busier than ever at RepGen. We are finalizing the agenda for our National Advisory Board meeting in early August, awaiting decisions on several exciting grant opportunities, and preparing for the second phase of reparative transfers to begin. Of course, there have also been setbacks. Like many of you, we received the news regarding the affirmative action and Tulsa reparations cases with a mixture of confusion, fear, and anger. Progress is never linear, and we share your frustrations, but we are more resolute than ever that the movement for reparations will prevail. The signs of victory are all around us. Across the country, from California to Michigan to New Jersey, people like you are taking action. They are picking up the torch lit by our brave ancestors, learning the truth about our nation’s difficult history, having tough conversations with neighbors, and developing meaningful solutions to confront systemic racism. The work that began long ago does not stop, even for a heatwave. Please know that we at RepGen see you, we are with you, and we are forever grateful for the sacrifices you are making to bring healing and justice to our nation.


David Mayer, Co-chair

Kiko Davis Snoddy, Co-chair

RepGen Updates

  • RepGen has raised $145,000 this year from supporters like you!

  • $800,000 in grant proposals are currently under review.

  • “Meet Reparation Generation” virtual gatherings scheduled for 7/26, 8/17 and 9/27 at 5:00 pm PST. Register here.

Reparations in the News


Reparation Leaders: PDX Housing Solidarity Project

In this exclusive interview with members of the PDX Housing Solidarity Project, we learn how this Portland based organization is making waves with their innovative model for reparations. 


Randal Wyatt and Annie Moss, two of PDX Housing Solidarity Project’s co-founders, sit in front of the home Annie sold to Randal for what was left on the mortgage — gifting him and his family a large amount of equity Annie had built up in the home.


Genealogy Corner with Kellie Farrish





Reparation Generations board member and professional genealogist Kellie Farrish is an advisory participant concerning reparations eligibility based on race or lineage for California’s AB3121 Reparation Task Force. Kellie spent 15 years helping African-American families trace their ancestry. She also facilitates workshops on transforming race narratives and dismantling systems of racial inequality. Prior to Kellie’s work in training and genealogy, she worked for 20 years in the banking and finance sector for major US institutions.


Juneteenth: A Time to Come Together, and Document our History!


Wanda Sykes on Reparations

The talented comedian Wanda Sykes shares her opinion on reparations in her new Netflix special, Wanda Sykes: I’m An Entertainer.


“And you know what? Whenever reparations are brought up, we always hear the pushback, and the argument is always: Why should I have to pay for something that I had nothing to do with?"


Ok…Well. Some of you have trust-funds. You ain't earn that. Some of you have homes and businesses that you didn’t build but they have been passed down generation from generation in your family, right? Great, great, grandpappy left us something. 


But you accept it, so think of reparations as part of your inheritance.


Why Reparations?

The Story of Two American Dreams

In this segment, we hear from RepGen’s own David Mayer and Robin Mills on how racial discrimination in the GI Bill shaped the destiny of two families.

Staff Sergeant Herbert Ellison explaining the G.I. Bill to fellow Black soldiers Source: Library of Congress


Reparation Generation is a national organization providing direct reparative transfers to Black Americans for wealth-building pursuits.

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