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  • Current Reparation Generation Activities
  • RepGen Impact Report
  • Reparation Leaders: Black Wealth Builders Fund
  • Genealogy Corner with Kellie Farrish
  • Third Annual National Symposium for State and Local Reparations
  • Meet a Contributor: Ben Bouwman
  • Keep Learning and Talking about Reparations with Others


Reparation Generation Reaches New Milestone


In the summer of 2023, Rep Gen’s National Advisory Board set an ambitious goal to raise $290,000 in order to build our capacity allowing for an accelerated path to move our mission forward. This financial goal was established for the purposes of hiring professional staff, including an executive director, and providing the operating funds to carry out our work. Through a multi-pronged fundraising plan, Reparation Generation's volunteer fundraising team successfully raised over $264,000. A heartfelt thanks to all contributors. These funds combined with prior funds now provide a solid financial base. We have now begun recruitment and hiring of our first full-time executive director, and in early spring we will be adding additional support staff as we begin our next round of  Home Ownership Reparative Transfers. This growth in our organizational capacity will allow Reparation Generation to build and expand its model programs of reparative  wealth transfers , truth telling community meetings, and expand reparative genealogy, all with the intentions of learning and sharing the impacts of reparations in action.


As an organization, we know that all of our work comes from  the support and involvement of many contributors and volunteers.  Together we are demonstrating the interest and commitment of everyday Americans to move forward to become that more perfect union for all. 

RepGen Updates

  • RepGen has meet its $290,000 fundraising goal

  • Search for Executive Director begins

  • “Meet Reparation Generation” virtual gatherings scheduled for  3/12, 4/17 at 5:00 pm PST. Register here.  Note you must register for each House Meeting that you wish to attend.

  • Volunteers needed.  Do you  with experience in data entry, community organizing, social media or web management.  Interested  and have time?  Please email: info@reparationgeneration.org 

Reparations in the News


Reparation Generation Impact Report

A lot has happened since Reparation Generation first started its mission to help create a more perfect union through racial healing. Learn more about our story, progress, and future in our first Impact Report


Reparation Leaders: Black Wealth Builders Fund

In this exclusive interview with members of Black Wealth Builders Fund, we learn how this organization is making reparations a reality in the difficult housing market of California.





Genealogy Corner with Kellie Farrish



Reparation Generation's board member and professional genealogist Kellie Farrish is an advisory participant concerning reparations eligibility based on race or lineage for California’s AB3121 Reparation Task Force. Kellie spent 15 years helping African-American families trace their ancestry. She also facilitates workshops on transforming race narratives and dismantling systems of racial inequality. Prior to Kellie’s work in training and genealogy, she worked for 20 years in the banking and finance sector for major US institutions.

Genealogy as a Pathway to Physical Healing for the African American Community 

Reparation Generation believes that racial healing requires an honest and careful understanding of the past. The exploration of genealogy offers a profound avenue for healing within the African American community, particularly in addressing the deep-seated wounds of historical trauma. The American Journal of Orthopsychiatry featured an article titled "Conceptualizing Healing Through the African American Experience of Historical Trauma," which provides critical insights into how genealogical research can serve as a catalyst for healing. The study, authored by Zulaka Henderson, Tricia Stephens, Anna Ortega-Williams, and Quenette Walton, underscores the importance of understanding historical trauma and its lasting effects on African Americans .




Third Annual National Symposium for State and Local Reparation 

Reparation Generation volunteers Karen Hughes and Robin Mills were honored to participate in the Third Annual National Symposium for State and Local Reparations in Evanston, Illinois in November. First Repair and the National African-American Reparations Commission (NAARC) coordinated a wide-ranging agenda for this free gathering. The registration had to be capped at 200 attendees. 


Community leaders, policymakers and scholars from 26 states came together to engage in critical discussions and advance reparations initiatives. “Rep Gen is unique in the current reparations ecosystem so we came away with an amazing list of new people and collaborations with whom to work. To understand our motivation and feel the unity and momentum of this movement watch the Symposium’s Final Declaration,” says Hughes.


Meet a Contributor: Ben Bouwman


The work of RepGen would not be possible without the generous support of our many contributors, and one of those monthly contributors is Ben Bouwman.





Keep Learning & Share Your Awareness


National Board member Karen Hughes shares two resources for engaging and talking with others about reparations. {READ MORE}


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